About us

The Newton Research Europe market research agency conducts all kinds of quantitative and qualitative research and consulting services in the field of customer experience and employee satisfaction. We operate within the Newton Media Group, which is the largest monitoring, media and market research group in Central and South-Eastern Europe. The group has more than 500 employees in 24 companies across Europe and works with more than 4,000 clients. Through continuous investment in our industry and with the conducting of research with the highest standards, Newton Research Europe has the status of an elite member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) and is the only agency in the region with a board member presence.

Except for Croatia, we also directly cover the markets of Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Montenegro, Albania, and Poland. Through secured cooperation with international partners and our sister companies, we can cover the whole of Europe.



Mystery shopping

Web surveys and surveys through a panel of respondents

Blind tests

Field Surveys (CAPI, QR Code Surveys)

Telephone Surveys (CATI)

Marketing education and consulting

Individual interviews

Focus groups

Social networks comment analysis



Specially designed solutions



Mystery Shopping Application

Within our group, we have developed our own mystery shopping app called Crispy. The application enables efficient project management in all phases, easy operation in the mystery shoppers’ interface, education of mystery shoppers, correction and control of incoming reports, as well as a client interface that allows easy review of results and has powerful analytical capabilities. The Crispy app is linked to the Metricom app for monitoring web portals, forums and social networks, and provides the ability to view the results of mystery shoppers’ visits and buyers’ reviews published across the web.

Social Network Monitoring Application

Our sister companies within Newton Media Group Medianet and Presscut have developed the Metricom application for real-time monitoring of online posts. The application provides an overview of all relevant publications and posts published on the Internet and provides their analytics. The Metricom app is linked to the Crispy2 mystery shopping app. Metricom application is available in the desktop and mobile version.

Survey Application

Newtonsurvey is a system that enables internet users, who have previously registered to it, to fill out surveys while earning points that they may exchange for rewards. Surveys are conducted for the purpose of market research. In addition to panel surveys, the app also enables computer-based (CAWI), smartphone and / or tablet (CAPI) surveys. Newtonsurvey is also the basis for conducting CATI research.

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